Sunday, March 02, 2008

Arrival in La Grave

The first leg of my green ski trip to La Grave passed reasonably well. The train to Geneva was Swiss in it's efficiency and comfort. Going from Geneva to Grenoble took rather a long time as the local train stopped, started, changed drivers, changed direction, and generally messed around.

Whereas Zurich -> Geneva takes about 2:45 (about the same as driving, and a distance of about 27o km), Geneva -> Grenoble takes 2:15 for 140 km, a driving time of about 1:30.

Waiting for something to happen, at a railway station somewhere in France

The other Ian picked me up in his rental car (this might seem like cheating, but as he's renting the car anyway to get to Grenoble airport at an odd time, it's fair game), and the drive was uneventful apart from the usual potholes and debris on the Rue Departmental 1091.

Part of the key to getting out of here on Thursday seems to be Jarrie-Vizille, at the bottom of the valley - there's a train to Grenoble at 15:26 on Thursday, so if I can get that far, I'm sorted.

Keep watching...


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