Sunday, November 04, 2007

Picasoramio - getting closer but still no cigarro

I've been putting my photos on both Picasa and Panoramio for some time now, and more recently on Facebook: Picasa because I use the Picasa 2 photo manager, and it's dead easy to upload; Panoramio for the geographical presentation (and it's fun to have your photos in a public Google Earth layer) and Facebook so I can tag people in the photos.

Putting photos in so many places is a bit of a hassle, so when Google announced they were buying Panoramio, I was pleased - hoping for a speedy integration of the two. So far that hasn't happened, but it's getting closer - Picasaweb now has support for tags, displays the location of georeferenced photos on a map next to the photo (or for the whole album) and allows you to locate photos using a google map widget very similar to Panoramio's.

Tags and Locations: Picasaweb on the left, Panoramio on the right

What's missing? The option to submit your photos to the Google Earth 'Panoramio' layer, and a map centric cross-album view of georeferenced photos (like the 'see this area' link on the Panoramio screenshot above) and we'll be there - Google, please hurry up and finish the job.

And while you're at it, how about adding some GPS tracklog-based georeferencing functionality into Picasa or providing addon support so someone else can do it for you? The current Google Earth-based approach is painful at best, rarely seems to be accurate and doesn't use GPS tracklogs. Given the Panoramio acquisition and what's happening now in Picasaweb, this would really make a lot of sense...


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