Saturday, March 01, 2008

A green trip to La Grave?

I'm going to La Grave on Sunday (from Zurich) and I'm going to try and do it largely by public transport (or at least shared transport). We're seriously spoiled in here is Switzerland, with an extensive train network, and the 'PostBus' that runs several times a day to almost every village and trail-head in the country.

As PisteHors pointed out last year, France doesn't fare so well, and that includes La Grave: There are two buses a day (Grenoble <-> Briancon), run by VDF and three on Saturday, but they aren't co-ordinated to fit with the (my?) trains times at Grenoble. I've gone before without a car, using a combination of buses and hitch-hiking, which worked OK (but I have missed a flight once). When we lived in Italy, it goes without saying that the car was the only way to get there.

So here's the plan: I arrive in Grenoble, where a friend will also be arriving by train, and we're renting a car. He's taking it back to Grenoble airport on Tuesday night, so still don't know what I'm doing to come back on Thursday. The bus arrives an hour to late for the last train back to Zurich, so I'll either be taxi-ing, hitching, or getting a car share - I've optimisticly posted on the La Grave 'Co Voiturage' buletin board.

Watch this space to find out how I did...


At 4:06 pm , Blogger Julian said...

Great to hear you're heading back to La Grave. Here in Turin it's snowing like CRAZY! Cut up a couloir for me ;)


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